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CCTV Camera for Home

SayCure has a strong presence of CCTV camera service in Trichy and the surrounding areas like K K Nagar, Anna Nagar, Ayyappa Nagar, Papa Colony, Anbu Nagar, Vasantha Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Fathima Nagar, Geetha Nagar, Thillai Nagar, Thennur, Kamaraj Nagar, Venugopal Nagar, etc. Nowadays, CCTV is the watchdog of every road, commercial building, household, separate office. SayCure provides an affordable price with the best indoor & outdoor CCTV camera for the home at easy installation service.

Our team is always available. Just reach us via Phone call 769-593-8051 or by booking in our SayCure Mobile App.

Security Cameras for Home

Types of Home CCTV Cameras

We provide you top brand cameras that come standard with world-class features. With your smartphone, you can connect directly to our home indoor cameras from anywhere in the world and instantly see the alive feed. Our cameras work all the time, even if your home internet goes out, your cameras remain working. Our cameras have special features that record 24/7 providing you peace of mind.

Dome Cameras

Bullet Cameras

C-Mount Cameras

PTZ Cameras

360 Wifi Cameras

Features of Home CCTV Surveillance Systems

We have a team consisting of technically qualified people with professional experience ranging from 3 years onwards up to 25 years in this CCTV Installation and Servicing of all sorts of complaints. SayCure team consists of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who have experience in various electronic security systems to provide the best CCTV camera installation in Trichy.

CCTV Camera Wholesale​

Trusted Seller of Cost-Effective Security CCTV Surveillance and security cameras,

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What Makes Us Different?

Project Consulting

Our experts provide a comprehensive project assessment to determine the needs of your business, and work with you to design the security camera solution that’s right for your unique application! HD, IP, wireless or CCTV.

FREE Security Audit

We can do a remote walk through of your facility using blueprints/plans, digital photos, sketches, and even online satellite imagery. This FREE service we provide gives our design team a clear view of your building, campus or organization

System Integration

For customers with complex technology or security requirements, our sales engineers have extensive expertise in security & IT technology, allowing them to effectively configure your camera system for maximum potential.

Why CCTV Cameras?

We are leading CCTV camera dealers, suppliers, and distributors in Trichy. We support all the big brands of the market and have a partnership with the best manufacturers in the CCTV camera industry. Our CCTV security surveillance systems are of high quality and have night vision, High definition recording, high resolution, and lens clarity.

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We offer upto 2 year warranty for all of our products and we stand behind our equipment and services.

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