We all know most of the crimes occur at night when there are low to no light conditions. Using a simple camera without advanced technology didn’t help to recognize the suspects. Using IR technology, we can avoid this scenario.

We cant see IR light with the naked eye. It has a longer wavelength and lower frequency than regular light. IR light picks up how much heat a person or an object has.

The IR lights are positioned around the outside of the camera lens to capture information. Even in areas where there is low or no light conditions. Even it works in extreme weather conditions. IR light can even travel through some materials.

Since there is no need for illumination, IR lights for security cameras can provide stealth for security operations and observe movement without alerting humans and animals to the fact that they are being observed. This is particularly helpful in these no-light or low-light operations.

Usually, every camera requires light; the camera’s sensitivity depends on the amount of light available. Using Infrared lights for security cameras gives you better light penetration in high humidity, high pollution, and foggy weather, which provides high-end video quality with IR lights versus other illumination sources.

IR cameras are the best choice to record for both day or night and in any weather condition. If anything suspicious happens at night, you can simply access your IR camera footage via remote viewing software to get a clear image of your property.

With these ample amount of advantages makes Infrared camera more admirable for property owners. Get the best CCTV camera installation in Chennai.

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